Emergency Management

The Baker County Emergency Management and Homeland Security is charged with the responsibility to plan and prepare for the safety of Baker County residents in times of emergency.

Emergency Management is an ongoing process, and our organization works closely with a variety of state, local, and non-governmental agencies to prepare for a coordinated defense against potential emergencies.

No matter what the emergency is, Emergency Management and Homeland Security plans ahead and addresses the four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

    -Mitigation is achieved through development of an Emergency Operations Plan and Emergency Operations Center. The goal is to provide adequate communication capabilities, and to keep an Emergency Operations Center operational on a daily basis to manage emergencies.

    -Preparedness is achieved through the training of officials in the Emergency Operations Center. Having adequate food, water, and trained personnel ready for any incident is critical, as well as maintaining constant testing and repair of equipment.

    -Response is regarded as efficient management and coordination of all organizations through the Emergency Operations Center.

    -Recovery is the release of unnecessary emergency personnel and deactivation of the Emergency Operations Center. A post-disaster critique of the operations of the Center is thoroughly performed.

    Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan(Draft)

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