Emergency Management

Emergency Notification System

Baker County Emergency Notification System can be used to notify the public with important information during an emergency. Emergencies happen with little or no notice at any time of the day or night. This service will allow us to relay critical information to you about natural disasters or other emergencies that require your immediate attention.

Baker County currently receives all landline phone numbers from the local phone companies. These phone numbers are all automatically enrolled and will receive alerts based on their home address. For people who only have cellular phones, VoIP (voice over ip) phones, or for those people who want to register additional phones, you will need to go to the opt-in registration page and register your phones.

Alerts from Baker County (ABC Alerts) will come through with the following Caller ID displayed: 877-957-9563. If you would like to hear the last alert you received repeated, simply dial the Caller ID number back.



In the event of an emergency, Baker County Emergency Services can identify the affected area and send a message that describes the situation and may recommend the protective actions residents should take. The Emergency Notification system will automatically call out to all land-line and opt-in telephone numbers within that geographic area and deliver the recorded message once a voice is heard. If your phone line is busy, the system will attempt to redial the number three times to make contact. If an answering machine picks up the call, the emergency message will be left on the machine.

Some of the many uses of the system include:

Emergency Evacuations
Natural Disaster Alerts
Missing Child Alerts
Hazardous Material Leaks
Neighborhood Emergency Incidents

Keep in mind that this is an excellent enhancement to our effort to share emergency information with our citizens, but registration will not guarantee notification of any specific event. You are still encouraged to visit our website and to stay tuned to local news channels and radio stations during a community crisis.

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