Facts and History

General Information

County Seat: 1995 3rd St. Baker City, OR 97814
Phone: (541)523-8200
Fax: (541)523-8340
Established: September 22, 1862

Elevation: 3443'
Latitude: 44.820112
Longitude: -117.752996
Population: 16,082
Land Area (square miles): 3,068.12
Average Temperatures: January 34 degrees, July 85 degrees
Annual Precipitation: 10.63''

Assessed Value:$1,059,354,869
Real Market Value: $1,354,508,658

Economy: Agriculture, forest products, manufacturing and recreation

Interesting Facts of Baker County

The first mineable mineral was discovered October 23, 1861, by Henry Griffin. That material was a gold nugget and the place was alter named "Griffin Gulch" in honor of the discoverer.
In the early spring of 1926 a young man named Lloyd Carter who was working on a highway crew from Haines, saw "smoke" smoke rising from a nearby field. Investigating he found two ill-fated sanitoriums. On July 4, 1926, the geothermally heated pool officially became a popular recreation area, with camping facilities available for some time.

Courtesy of The History of Baker County Published by Baker County Historical Society

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