Road Department

Dust Abatement


May 15 is usually the first day dust abatement can be applied to County roads. Please contact us for exact date at 541-523-6417.

The Road Department will continue to have property owners contact dust abatement contractors directly, as they have in the past. No application will be required from the individual property owner. Contractors applying dust abatement products on County roads will enter into an agreement with Baker County.

Property owners are still required to acknowledge that the County is not responsible for any supervisory or regulatory actions other than those specifically agreed to in the contractor's agreement, or those specifically required by law.

Property owners are requested to contact the Road Department if they feel their road needs to be graded prior to the application of dust abatement. The Road Department will continue to grade all county gravel roads twice a year, in the spring and fall, as time and weather permit. The application of dust abatement will not supercede nor alter the obligation or authority of the Baker County Road Department to maintain county roads (e.g. grading, shaping, plowing snow).