Road Department

About Us

Our road crew performs many activities for Baker County throughout the year including:

  • • Routine road maintenance includes repairs to the road surface like sealing cracks and filling holes caused by weather and heavy use.
  • • Paved roads must be patched, overlaid, chip-sealed or recycled as required. We mark pavement for traffic control and install traffic signs to advise motorists.
  • • Ensure safe operation and transporting of equipment when on public roads by removing loose rock.
  • • Checking and repairing bridges to assure they're safe and meet the most stringent standards.
  • • Mowing and brush-cutting along roadways so drivers have safe visibility.
  • • We build, repair, maintain and clean drainage ditches to carry away storm water and reduce the damages of water accumulating on the pavement.
  • • Maintaining and installing culverts and cattle guards.
  • • Snow and ice removal from the roads.
  • • We also crush, haul, and stockpile the rock for much of our roadwork. The County has a few shale pits and hard-rock quarries, and numerous gravel stockpile sites. These sites provide the material for routine maintenance on your roads and special construction projects.
  • • During emergencies such as floods, landslides, or icy road conditions, we remove hazards that could threaten public safety along county roads.
  • • We review all plans for new construction which might impact the County's road system and help owners and developers establish road access and public facilities necessary when lands are divided and new homes and businesses are built.
  • • Maintenance and repair of our own specialized fleet of vehicles and heavy equipment, including welding and fabrication.