Weed Department

The Board of Directors

Baker County's Weed Control Board of Directors is a twelve-member board appointed by the County Court whose purpose is to facilitate in the control and eradication of noxious weeds in the county. They meet at the Extension Office on Grove in Baker City the fourth Tuesday of every month, taking off the months of November, December, and January.

Area Representative
Commissioner Representative Tim Kerns
Bridgeport Bill Shumway (Chair)
Halfway Norm Koopman
Richland Open
Keating/Medical Springs John Wirth
Baker Valley Bob Colton
Sumpter/Bowen Valley Don Foster
North Powder/Haines Elmer Hill
Unity Wayne Morin
Baker Valley Craig Ward
Huntington/Durkee Ted Bloomer
Baker Valley Irrigation District Jim Colton
ODOT Dennis Hackney
Extension Jay Carr
Union County Gary Dade
BLM Mike Woods
Tri-County WMA Dan Durfey

Arnie Grammon
Baker County
1050 S. Bridge Rd.
Phone: (541) 523-0618
Fax: (541) 524-7666