Weed Department

2018 Baker County Noxious Weeds

"Watch List", "A", "B" & "C" Designated Weeds
"A" List Weeds are Eligible for Cost-Share

"Watch List" - Very Few Known Sites; Controlled by the Weed Supervisor County-Wide
1. Musk Thistle      Carduus nutans
2. Mediterranean sage      Salvia aethiopis
3. Dyers Woad      Istasis tinctoria
4. Common bugloss      Anchusa officinalis
5. Common crupina      Crupina vulgaris

"A" Designated Weeds - Mandatory Control County-wide and eligible for 50% Herbicide Refund
1. Tansy ragwort      Senecio jacobaea
2. Leafy spurge      Euphorbia esula
3. Rush skeletonweed      Chondrilla juncea
4. Spotted knapweed      Centaurea maculosa
5. Diffuse knapweed      Centaurea diffusa
6. Salt Cedar      Tamarix ramosissima
7. Yellow starthistle      Centaurea solstitialis
8. Perennial pepperweed      Lepidium latifolium
9. Purple loosestrife      Lyrum salicaria
10. Black henbane      Hyoscyamus niger
11. Jointed goatgrass      Aegilops cylindrica
12. Buffalobur      Solanum rostratum
13. Japanese knotweed      Polygonum cuspidatum
14. Scotch Thistle      Onopordum acanthium
15. Yellowflag iris      Iris pseudacorus
16. Whitetop      Lepidium draba
Whitetop is listed as an "A" weed in designated areas of the County. Pine Valley, Baker Valley, Ebell Creek, Sutton Creek, and Bowen Valley/Sumpter areas are Mandatory Control. Contact Baker County Weed Control for specific information at 541-523-0618.
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