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It is important to read your traffic summons as it contains important information:

The front of your summons tells you:

1. If you have been charged with a CRIME or VIOLATION. 2. Where you are to appear. The address for Baker County Justice Court is 1995 Third Street, Baker City, Oregon 97814. Phone 541-523-8213. Directions are available on this website. 3. The type of offense(s) alleged. 4. The base fine amount imposed. 5. Your court appearance Date, Time and Location.

The back of your summons tells you:

1. If you are charged with a CRIME you must appear at the time and place set by the summons or if the summons says 'lodged', at the time and place listed on your release agreement from the jail. 2. If you are charged with a violation(s) the options available to you when responding to the charges on the citation are:

For Traffic violations do one (and only one) of the options listed below:

Option 1 - Personally appear at the court at the appearance time indicated on your citation to enter a plea or before that time, to orally request a trial. You have a right to trial, and if you plead not guilty when you appear, the court will mail you a notice of the date and time of your trial.

Option 2 - Enter a plea of guilty or no contest by written appearance. To choose this option do all the following before the time this summons requires you to appear.

1. On your summons, check AND initial one (and only one) of the following pleas: I plead guilty_____ (initial) I plead no contest_____ (initial)

2. Sign and date the summons AND

3. Deliver or mail the summons and any optional attached written statement AND

4. With the summons, send or take to the court a check or money order for the full base fine amount as shown on the front of the summons.

Important: Choosing this option makes a written appearance and waives your right to trial. If you plead GUILTY, you agree to the penalties for your offense. If you plead NO CONTEST, you consent to any court judgment based on your plea and statement and the officer's report. If it finds you guilty, the court may keep all or part of the money you pay, but will return any left after taking out the sanction amount. If you choose this option, the court will not fine you more without giving you notice to come to a hearing.

Option 3 - Enter a plea of not guilty by written appearance. To choose this option do all of the following before the time the summons requires you to appear.

1. Sign and date the back of your summons AND

2. Deliver or mail to the court the summons by itself or with a written request for trial. Important: Choosing this option makes a written request for hearing. The court will give you notice of the time and place when you MUST appear. The court may impose penalties if you do not appear at the time given on your summons. The court may require you to deposit money to assure your appearance if you have failed to appear on any offense charges in the past.

Option 4 - Contact the Court Clerk, before the time this summons requires you to appear, and determine if you qualify for a trial by affidavit under ORS 153.080.

If so, the trial will be based upon sworn, written statements and future court appearances may not be necessary. It is possible that you may not qualify for trial affidavit. In that case you must comply with one of the other options.

Click Adobe Reader requiredHERE for trial by affidavit forms.


If you plead guilty, no contest or are convicted of a traffic violation, payment of your fine is immediately due. In cases where a person needs extra time to pay, please contact the court clerks for information on payment plans. You may pay your fine in person in case, by sending a check or money order, or with a Visa or Mastercard online.

Click HERE to make a payment online.

Please note that Oregon has mandatory minimum base fines. Those base fines are set by the legislature. The court can lower the fine amount that appears on your summons in some cases, by a limited amount.

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